Water Management Platform

Water Security - Leak Detection & Flow Monitoring

    Complete Water Management

    The Water Controller by Hydrocom™ stops leaks before they occur.

    The Control Panel displays water usage which supports water awareness and conservation

    • By monitoring flow, the system can detect small leaks that may not be visible
    • The Water Controller can interface with multiple alarm systems
    • The Water Controller can operate up to 32 wireless sensors
    • Water On/Off Control buttons
    • Tactile Keypad with Easy Menu Driven Operation
    • Low Temperature Detecting Sensors
    • In case of power outage, the entire system is backed up by batteries
Flow Rates at 60 PSI
Pipe Size Gallons per minute Appliance What if leaks happened to me?
1/4" 5 gpm Ice maker/toilet 7,200 gallons per day
3/8" 9 gpm Ice maker/toilet/ dishwasher 13,000 gallons per day
1/2" 14 gpm Laundry/faucets/ dishwasher 20,000 gallons per day
3/4" 23 gpm Laundry/ water main 33,000 gallons per day
1" 38 gpm Laundry/ water main 55,000 gallons per day