IT'S OUR WATER!                                           LET'S KEEP IT GOING TO THE RIGHT PLACE.
Wireless controlled water shut-off valve
plumbing flood and leak defense
What happens when water is scarce?
You can make a difference before it happens.
Wireless flood sensors with a smart valve

Water Conservation & Sustainability

Water Awareness starts with Hydrocom

The Water Controller by Hydrocom™ makes conserving water simple.
    • If you are aware of how much water is being used, then it is easy to see how much water and
      money can be saved.
    • Water rationing has become a reality and the Water Controller by Hydrocom™ is a valuable conservation tool.
Average Water Usage
Rates for Appliances
Appliance Gallons per Usage
Bathtub 40 to 60 Gallons per Tub
Clothes Washer 25 to 50 Gallons per Load
Dishwasher 7.5 to 16 Gallons per Load
Shower 2.5 Gallons per Minute
Toilet 1.6 Gallons per Flush
Average Water Usage
Per Day for a Family of Four
Water Usage Zones Gallons per Day
Shower Head/ Bath Tub Faucet 80 Gallons
Bathroom Sink 8 Gallons
Kitchen Sink 12 Gallons
Dishwashing 15 Gallons
Laundry 35 Gallons
Toilets 48 Gallons
Utility Sink 5 Gallons
Landscaping 180 Gallons
Total 383 Gallons